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Look around our site – See if our way of thinking and problem solving makes sense to you.
Let us show you how we have helped others Capture the Power in their brands to impact their P&Ls this quarter, not next year.
Our business is built on rapid creation of targeted, highly effective revenue building products through collaboration and a highly disciplined process.
Few companies realize the UNTAPPED POWER
that resides within their brand today
Our Value Proposition.
Work collaboratively to solve your most significant business challenges.
Deliver blue chip
business building solutions to entrepreneurial companies looking to move to the next level of success.
Deliver powerful results for far less time and money than you might think.
Develop actionable strategy with a business owner's sense of urgency –Most projects deliver in 2 weeks.
Why we exist...
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It all starts with a conversation
We "pitch" business by working on business.
Get us an NDA. Set a time on your calendar. Get your team together and let's begin to think through the challenges you face.
Why we exist...
...We give our clients the distinct advantage common to all fast growing companies – a compelling defendable value proposition. That proposition is driven out of the true essence and power in what you do. We do it quickly and efficiently, grounding your new strategy in a thorough knowledge of your brand, product and competitive environment.
the intersection of market insight, disciplined process and subject matter experts
Key Stakeholders know the most about the businesses they lead.
We scratch our heads when we see firms "jump right over" those who know most about the customer, the marketplace, the competition and the company's core value proposition. We don't.
We tap into the "genius" inherent in leadership teams to fully develop the existing power in their brand or initiative through a disciplined, structured methodology that yields powerful results.
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Unified Leadership
Consistent Results
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Unified Leadership Drives Success

This disciplined process helps develop the very best thinking on your team

  • Allows cross-disciplines to see eye to eye
  • Gleans valuable learning from staunchly held, divergent points of view
We find common ground in the best thinking of the whole group. It's predictable & effective. It's the core of moving ahead as a unified leadership team for maximum marketplace impact.

Consistent Results

Collective Genius is a structured process

  • Tap into the vast experience of your leadership team
  • Develop real, relevant solutions
  • We solve problems in non-traditional ways
Today, there are two kinds of businesses–
The Quick and the Dead
We quickly build business – capturing the power in organizations by discovering, publishing and leveraging their core value proposition – and then we show them how to leverage that.

solutions are
colored by a history
of moving customers
in highly competitive

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Do any of these apply to you?

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The key to our existence, and source of
our rapid growth during these tough economic times, is the development of a series of distinct products that quickly build revenue this quarter, not next year.

solutions are
colored by a history
of moving customers
in highly competitive

  • Brand strategy and customer value proposition development
  • Disciplined communication's strategies and direction
  • New products and innovation work
  • Expanded service offerings and new solutions to old problems

Strategic solutions to match challenges presented


Do any of these apply to you?

  • You'd like to capture and tap into the power center of your company's product/service
  • You'd like your promotions to hit the sweet spot for moving your customers to action
  • You'd like to have the communication elements, internally and externally, aligned around the most powerful aspects of your company's product/service
There is a
Collective Genius that exists within your team
We don't have a creative staff. We don't have a media person or an art director on staff – we do only strategy.
StratFix is a team of business pros whose sole focus is deciphering the strong emotional relationship between brands and their most satisfied customers.

We have been in your chair with the P&L anvil on our heads....learn more

A wide breadth of experience....learn more

And a relentless desire to win...learn more

When you engage StratFix you get principals who have been in your place – with all the pressure of growing the business – so we leverage our experience and process of building strategy with a tremendous sense of urgency to get at a solution rooted in the business case. Choose strategists who know business to solve business issues.


There are two sides to the strategy coin – discipline and communication arts. Our discipline comes from decades of experience in package goods and a wide range of products. Our background in communication arts comes from agency briefs and directing creative staffs to build advertising that received the attention of viewers and moved them to action to grow revenue.


And that's what built the foundation for StratFix – a new way to approach an old problem – getting companies to leverage the power that already exists within their organizations. All led by:

+ Proprietary process.
+ Unique focus on subject matter experts within the organization.
+ A sense of urgency to win.


We have been in your chair with the P&L anvil on our heads....

A wide breadth of experience....

And a relentless desire to win...

Keith Robinson has a track record of success across high profile consumer and brand-driven companies such as Leo Burnett, Frito-Lay, Quaker Oats and Boston Market. Robinson has extensive experience and expertise in developing customer and business insights and then transforming those insights into strategies and programs that drive business results and build brands.

Mr. Robinson co-founded StratFix consulting in 2008, with a uniquely diverse background with experience ranging:

  • from marketing research, to brand management, to cross-functional business unit leadership, and to business process redesign and change management.
  • from established blue chip brands and companies, to rapid growth start-ups, and to struggling brands looking to find a way to rekindle the magic.
  • from the agency business, to consumer packaged goods, and to multi-unit retailing.

Robinson's strong grounding in the consumer and insight aspects of the business started at the outset of his career with positions in marketing research with Leo Burnett Advertising and Frito Lay. Drawn by the desire to leverage those insights into a direct decision making role, Robinson then made the transition to the brand marketing side of the business moving through positions of increasing leadership and cross-functional business responsibility at both Frito-Lay (Doritos-launching Cool Ranch Doritos, Tostitos, Lays and Ruffles) and the Quaker Oats Company (Cap'n Crunch, Quaker100% Natural, Quaker Oats brand hot and cold cereals).

Robinson then moved into the retail arena with 12 years at Boston Market in a variety of roles ranging from VP New Products, to Chief Marketing Officer for the restaurant business, to developing and leading the supermarket retail business—a line of fresh, all natural, heat and serve sides, soups, and entrees sold in grocery stores.

Robinson has an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University and BS in Marketing and Finance from The Ohio State University, not "Ohio State University" or that blue school up north.

Eddy Wittry is a brand and product development junkie; specializing in the strategic alignment of people and products to achieve extraordinary business success. He has spent 25 years working on developing comprehensive and cohesive brand and product propositions in order to optimize their relevance in the consumer marketplace. Wittry has a particular passion for developing unique brand programs and products to enable businesses competing in highly specialized markets to be more relevant and successful.

Early on Wittry began to build the cornerstone of his work with StratFix grounded in one fundamental insight—"all decisions are made emotionally and justified logically." This single foundational premise is the key to decoding customer motivation and it defines the relationship between consumers and the brands that they use. It is the dissection and understanding of this relationship that is at the core of Wittry's approach and yields the development of the insights and opportunities that characterize his strategic and management consulting today, both in the US and Asia.

Mr. Wittry has developed this unique skill set through his work with a wide range of brands, from retailing franchises like Pizza Hut, Boston Market, Timberland and Blockbuster to adventure brands like Nordica, Kastle and Giant. He has been involved in the high tech sector with Lenovo, Dell and SAP, as well as working with some of the world's truly iconic brands like Coke, Pepsi and Heinz.

Wittry brings a rare combination of having achieved success working on both the client and the agency sides of the business. His positions with these companies were far ranging, from key strategic roles to new products and project management. Through this wide ranging work history, he has developed significant experience and expertise in the motivation and engagement of employees at all levels of organizations leading to the more effective training, deployment and implementation of promotions, programs and new products.

Wittry has a BS in Advertising from the University of Tennessee. He moved over to the consulting side of business on Presidents' Day 2000 to take his skill set to a wider variety of companies and challenges. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and college aged children in relentless pursuit of a day off in a cool mountain stream with a fly rod in the Rocky Mountain west.

Matt Niemann is a tenured operations executive who has demonstrated success in complex, rapidly changing industries. His intellectual curiosity and keen consumer empathy allow him to approach business from a uniquely valuable perspective. He brings a strong real-world operational foundation that our clients appreciate.

Niemann's history of leading companies enables StratFix to convert new thinking into profit. Unlike many operations execs, Matt is deeply immersed into the creative art of developing relevant, compelling strategic solutions, ensuring that the work translates into powerful executable profits for our clients.

StratFix brought Niemann onboard with in 2015 to continue to expand the value proposition we offer to our clients.

He cut his operational teeth in the restaurant industry, from his college days as a sandwich maker at Rock-a-Belly Deli through 15 years as the managing director of a multi-unit, multi-market Pizza Hut Franchise. After selling the restaurant group in Colorado, he immigrated to San Francisco to join a start-up, managing the launch while transforming operations from test phase to a profitable model.

Niemann’s skills are valuable to nearly every StratFix client:

  • Operations processes
  • New product development
  • Managing profit & loss
  • Scaling up company capabilities
  • Building internal and external teams

Although Niemann is an operating veteran, he’s hung his ops boots up and is working on a wide variety of business challenges across an even wider base of industries. A long-time Colorado boy, he has relocated to Los Angeles where he tries, somewhat successfully, to keep abreast of pop culture in a rapidly-changing society.

It is About Moving Customers To Action
ALL Decisions are made emotionally and justified logically
Our clients Say it all. Great strategy is industry agnostic. The common thread among all our clients is enthusiasm. Ask us for references so you can experience that enthusiasm for yourself.
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